Liane's Vancouver Homestay

Student Information

Our Homestay Service to Students

Airport Pickup

The Student will be met at the airport and driven to their new hometsay if you request pick-up.


The rooms available are furnished to accommodate the student

  • Room: a private room for each student
  • Furniture: Bed and bedding, dresser, desk, chair, desk lamp, wastebasket, closet.
  • Access: to bathroom and laundry facilities and other common areas in the house.

Long and Short Term Placement in a family environment

We can place the student for any length of time that is needed by the student. We have separate rates for short term placements of 26 days or less, that is calculated per day, and long term rates calculated per month.

Speaking to your new Canadian Families

Canada is an international country, filled with different nationalities all living together. Each family has different customs and rules. Please talk to your family and ask them to explain the family's routine so it will be easier for you to join into your new family.


Some schools will have a set or rules that they would like the students to follow. Homestay families work closely with Liane's Vancouver Homestay and the school on monitoring curricular and outside school activities for younger students.

Custodian letters for students under 19 years of age (closely monitored)

Students under the age of 19 must have a custodian appointed to them during their stay in Canada. We offer this service to anyone requesting. You can ask for this through your school or contact us directly.

Medical Insurance

BC Medical Insurance must be applied for if student is staying longer than 3 months. For the first 3 months in Canada, medical insurance needs to be covered by private insurance, which can be purchased through the schools or private insurance agencies.