Liane's Vancouver Homestay

Host Family Policies

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Policies Terms and Conditions
In consideration of mutual considerations herein contained, sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the Host Family and Liane’s Vancouver Homestay herewith mutually agree to the following terms:

  1. The Host Family hereby applies for and wishes to be considered as a host family for a Homestay Student ("Homestay Student").
  2. LVH does not guarantee that a Homestay Student will be assigned to the Host Family at any time. At LVH’s discretion, the Homestay Student may be placed with the Host Family, or removed. LVH can immediately terminate any homestay arrangement. LVH retains discretion to make all final determination in this regard.


  1. The Host Family shall abide by, and will inform itself and its Homestay Student(s), of all homestay policies as published and revised by LVH from time to time (the "LVH Homestay Policies"). The Policies provide additional terms and conditions governing the relationship between the parties. The most current version of the Homestay Policies can always be found at (the "LVH website"). The Host Family shall check and review, and cause its Homestay Students to check and review, the aforementioned Policies at least once per month. LVH may also forward notice to the Host Family highlighting any changes to the aforementioned Policies when there are such changes.
  2. If the Host Family cannot accept the proposed new changes to the Policies, the Host Family can write to seek exemption from all new changes. If the Host Family does not give any notice to LVH to seek exemption from any changes to the Policies within 15 days from the changes, the Host Family is deemed to have accepted the changes. The Host Family shall continue to abide by the new Policies as revised from time to time. A copy of the most current LVH Homestay Policies is attached to this Agreement as an appendix. The Host Family hereby acknowledges receipt and confirms its acceptance of the same.
  3. The Host Family acknowledges that it has reviewed the most recent updated LVH Fee Schedule and Policies and confirmed its acceptance of the same, before accepting this agreement.

Timely Disclosure and Information Provided by Host Family

  1. The Host Family warrants and represents that all information provided in the above application is true and correct and shall provide further information when requested by LVH. From the information provided by the Host Family, LVH will endeavor its best to find a Homestay Student for the Host Family.
  2. The Host Family shall provide LVH with a Criminal Conviction Check of all adults (19 years and older) living at the Host Family’s residence within 5 working days upon request by LVH Homestay Coordinator.
  3. The Host Family agrees to permit LVH to take photographs of the Host Family residence and its members for file. The Host Family gives LVH permission to disclose all information regarding the Host Families with prospective homestay applicants, their families, school representatives, or agents.
  4. The Host Family shall use a form of report prescribed by LVH to file all relevant information with LVH every 12 months on or before February 1, or to forthwith notify LVH of important matters which require the attention of LVH (the "LVH Incident & Progress Report"). The most current version of the Incident & Progress Report can be found at The Host Family also agrees to inform LVH of any material change to the Host Family, or any other matter that may affect the Homestay Student. Material changes include, but are not limited to, changes in family composition, long-term guests in the household, new Homestay Students from different homestay programs coming to live with the Host Family, and changes to the time period of the Homestay Student’s residence with the Host Family.
  5. The Host Family acknowledges that all information provided by or to LVH concerning Homestay Students is the private and confidential information of LVH. The Host Family covenants to refrain from disclosing this information without the prior consent of LVH, or the Homestay Student, or from using this information contrary to the interests of LVH, or the Homestay Student.

House Rules

  1. The Host Family shall disclose to LVH all house rules that apply to the Homestay Student. LVH has the right to enter the Host Family’s premises and inspect the Homestay Student’s room and any other facilities used by the Homestay Student.

Responsibilities of Host Family

  1. The Host Family shall act as co-guardian to any LVH-placed Homestay Student, under the age of 19, living at their residence. The duties of the co-guardian are stated in the Policies.
  2. The Host Family shall not leave a Homestay Student alone overnight at the homestay residence. The Host Family should not accept a Homestay Student if they intend to leave on a vacation. If the Host Family leaves their residence for more than two days, the Host Family shall inform LVH in advance.


  1. LVH will endeavor its best to facilitate a "good match" between the Homestay Student(s) and the Host Family. However, the Host Family understands and agrees that LVH cannot guarantee the compatibility between the Homestay Student and the Host Family, nor will LVH assume any liability arising from the actions or omissions of other parties, including that of the Homestay Student placed, or that of the Host Family, once the homestay arrangement is approved and accepted by the school or by the Homestay Student. A homestay arrangement is approved and accepted by the parties when the arrangement is confirmed, or when the Homestay Student commences his/her homestay with the Host Family, whichever is earlier.
  2. LVH is not obliged to compensate a Host Family if a Homestay Student is assigned to that family, but the Homestay Student cancels without advance notice.
  3. The Host Family agrees to indemnify their Homestay Student and LVH for all loss or damages caused to the Homestay Student by a Host Family member, or their guest’s, act or omission.
  4. The Host Family acknowledges that considerable time and effort is required to find and secure homestay arrangements. The Host Family shall refrain from directly contracting with the schools or Homestay Students arranged by LVH, and refrain from bypassing LVH for any homestay arrangements and/or related matters. This applies even if the Homestay Student wishes to stay at the Host Family’s residence beyond the length of his/her school program. The Host Family further agrees to take all necessary steps to avoid any real or potential conflict of interests. Any conflict of interest committed by the Host Family will be in breach of this agreement. If a Host Family enters into a private agreement with a Homestay Student, or school, the Host Family shall be permanently removed from LVH’s Homestay Register. In addition, the Host Family agrees to pay LVH a reasonable procurement fee if the Host Family breaches the covenant herein stated and bypasses LVH in dealing with a Homestay Student arranged or supplied by LVH.


  1. LVH can give 30 days notice to the Host Family to terminate any homestay arrangement without cause, or LVH can immediately terminate any homestay arrangement when there is cause. LVH retains discretion to make all final determinations in this regard.
  2. The Host Family must give LVH 30 days written notice to terminate their homestay arrangement with LVH.

General Terms

  1. The waiver by any party of any breach or violation of any provision of this Agreement shall not operate or be construed as a waiver of any subsequent breach or violation.
  2. In the event that one or more of the provisions is found to be unenforceable, this Agreement shall not be rendered inoperative and the remaining provisions shall continue in full force and effect.
  3. This constitutes the whole Agreement between the parties. Any amendments to this Agreement must be in writing and signed by all parties. This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Province of British Columbia, Canada.