Liane's Vancouver Homestay

Homestay Fees

~2019 Fees~

2019 Homestay Fee Schedule
*Effective January 1st 2019

2019 Homestay for Minors Fee Schedule
*Fees for students under 19 years old who need a Custodian

~2020 Fees will increase effective 1 January 2020

2020 Homestay Fee Schedule
*Effective January 1st 2020

2020 Homestay for Minors Fee Schedule
*Fees for students under 19 years old who need a Custodian


If you're making a credit card payment in China we have a translated page for you |Press HERE!|

Click here to see LVH 2019 Long Term Student Processing Procedures

Click here to see LVH 2019 Short Term Student Processing Procedures

Changing Families:

Families are chosen to facilitate a “good match” between Student and Family. If the student has valid reasons and is not happy with their host family. Liane’s Vancouver Homestay will locate a new host family for the student at no additional charge. This will be done one time only. If student request to be moved again a second placement fee may be charged at LVH discretion.

Students wishing to change location because of change of school or campus will be charged another placement fee.

Refund Policy:

All unused homestay will be refunded to the student upon request.

Placement fee is non-refundable except if a student’s visa is denied. Proof of denied visa is required for placement fee refund.

If a Custodian Student’s visa is denied, LVH will refund all fees except the $200 Custodianship fee and the bank fees. Proof of denied visa is required for refund.

To receive a full refund for Airport Services you must cancel in writing no later than 48 hours prior to arrival time.

LVH is not responsible for refunds when students pay host families directly.

How Homestay is Calculated:

A homestay month is calculated as 4 weeks or 28 days.

Your homestay starts the date you move in, or drop off luggage to your homestay. As arrival dates are not always on the 1st of the month they are unique to the student, the pay periods will start on arrival date and continue in 28 day sections for payment purposes.

Homestay is calculated by nights like a hotel with the time being from noon till noon. If you stay longer than noon on your last day you will be charged for an additional day.

Holiday Policy:

To receive this discount students leaving for holidays must provide written/email notice with exact departure and return dates one month before leaving. If intended holidays are 15 consecutive days or longer students are applicable for a holiday half rate. Holiday half rate is calculated per day and is charged for holding the room and storing the belongings without the cost of food or energy consumption. This discount is only applicable for students who pay their continued homestay through the LVH office.

Short Notice Application Fee:

Any student application or payment submitted with less than 2 weeks (14 calendar days) from the arrival date is applicable for an additional $50+GST charge. Please take into consideration the time and effort it takes LVH to find you the best family possible and plan accordingly. 

LVH does have last minute families available for short notice placement but we cannot guarantee all requests can be met under those circumstances.